Climate Change Adaptation Must be a Priority – New Report

Both Central and Local Government Must Show Leadership

The New Zealand Herald has reported that the Climate Change Adaptation Technical Working Group has today released 21 major recommendations, urgently calling for better planning, resourcing, and leadership.

Chief among its recommendations in the short term was that the Government should make climate change adaptation a priority – for itself, councils and the public.

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Global Mean Sea Level Rise Trend is 3.35 mm/year

Here is the very latest measurement of Global Mean Sea Level (GMSL).  The trend is 3.35 mm/yr over the period 1993-2017. Which confirms we are on track for 40cm of sea level rise by 2050-2060 as predicted.

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A Guide to Free Natural Hazard Property Information

ThamesThere is no “one-stop shop” where you can access all natural hazard information about a Thames-Coromandel property. Some information is held by the Regional Council, and some by the District Council. Also, the District Council has not yet identified and mapped all natural hazards in its District Plan e.g. there is still no information on coastal flooding due to projected sea level rise. This can be confusing and frustrating if you are wanting to check out a particular property.

This Guide will help you find the best free information available on natural hazards, whether you are an existing property owner, or are thinking about buying or renting a property. (Always seek advice from an independent lawyer before signing a land sale and purchase contract.) Continue reading “A Guide to Free Natural Hazard Property Information”

TCDC Mangrove Management Bill Unlikely to Proceed

The Select Committee considering the Mangrove Management Bill is due to publish its Report on 22 June.

If the Committee follows the overwhelming weight of evidence at the hearings in Thames it will throw the Bill out. But even if the Committee comes back with a 50-50 or minority report, the chances of the Bill proceeding still seem remote. Continue reading “TCDC Mangrove Management Bill Unlikely to Proceed”

Thames Coromandel Coastal Hazard Budget Confirmed.

A resolution to spend $2.6 million on coastal management and hazards was passed unanimously and with no discussion by the Thames-Coromandel District Council today. Of this figure, approximately $1.6 million will be spent specifically on coastal hazard identification, mapping, risk assessment, and the development of shoreline and community plans.  Continue reading “Thames Coromandel Coastal Hazard Budget Confirmed.”