Encourage Risky Coastal Development For Government Bailout?

Thames-Coromandel District Council has promoted and consented numerous major new developments on the coast at risk from sea level rise.   Why?  Surely it is not a cynical master plan to encourage $millions of risky coastal developments so that a government bailout is more likely for residents and sea walls will be funded?  Or is it because some in the Council don’t accept the science of sea-level rise?  Incompetence? Either way it is morally indefensible and willfully ignorant. A NZ-wide legal framework which applies to all Councils is needed.

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Thames Land Subsidence Threat Ignored

While Dunedin Takes Action For Lesser Threat 

Parts of the foreshore of Thames are sinking at rates between 8 mm and 13 mm a year.  Thames Coromandel District Council and Waikato Regional Council are fully aware of the added risk from sea level rise this poses to low-lying subdivision suburbs such as Moanataiari.  But no further research has been undertaken.  Contrast this with Dunedin where the Councils have begun a comprehensive drilling program after discovering subsidence rates of just 1mm – 2 mm.Read More »

New US Government Climate Assessment Makes Mockery of Trump’s Idiocy

Everything Idiot-in-Chief Donald Trump has said about climate change being a “hoax” has been mocked by his own federal government scientists.  The new US Government National Climate Assessment is an even more significant scientific document, for Americans,  than the recent IPCC report because its the work product of the American government’s own science agencies.Read More »