Socio-economic factors add to Thames’ high flood-risk profile

Socio-economic factors have often been ignored when councils and other agencies assess the risks to a community such as Thames from climate change and sealevel rise. The emphasis has been on how low-lying an area may be and on sea walls and “protection”.

What has been missing is the consideration that many individuals, communities, and businesses in Thames will be more susceptible to climate-related hazards than others elsewhere.   Continue reading “Socio-economic factors add to Thames’ high flood-risk profile”


Campaign on Sea Change for the Hauraki Gulf

Forest and Bird are leading a major campaign to persuade the Government to implement the Sea Change report. F&B have a petition to get action on the Report, rather than letting it sitting on the shelf gathering dust.  They have received lots of support at a recent boat show. Continue reading “Campaign on Sea Change for the Hauraki Gulf”

Govt to seek public feedback over mining ban proposal

The Conservation Minister will seek public feedback on a proposal to ban mining on conservation land.

Discussion Paper to be released in September

In 1996-97  after a huge  20-year-long public campaign a ban was imposed on mining on conservation land and coast in thMarche northern Coromandel (north of the Kopu-Hikuai Road).

Campaigners always felt this was a weak political compromise from Jim Bolger’s’ government because the land and coast south of the line was just as worthy of protection from mining.  Then, in 2010 the National Government attempted to remove this land from protection, only to be met again with massive public opposition (40,000 people marched down Queen Street in protest).  John Key’s government backed down.

Now the new government is again seeking the views of the public on a nationwide ban on mining on conservation land and coast. Once again the public is going to have to rise up and make it very clear that mining on Coromandel conservation land (and elsewhere) will not be tolerated.

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Help Is Coming for Councils Grappling with Climate Change Adaptation

working group report May 2018

Thames Coromandel District Council has budgeted $2.6 million for coastal hazard identification and mapping over the next three years.  But Mayor Sandra Goudie has called for more assistance and funding from central government to tackle these issues. That’s a fair call because up until now local councils have been left to grapple with these complex and expensive issues on their own. Recommendations in a major new report on climate change adaptation suggest that local councils will soon get the help they need. Continue reading “Help Is Coming for Councils Grappling with Climate Change Adaptation”