The Hawkes Bay Experience on Coastal Hazards

Will TCDC follow?

For over a year I’ve been calling on TCDC to implement a coastal hazard action plan similar to that undertaken in the Hawke’s Bay.  The good news is that the Council has finally started to pay attention.  In early August a council workshop was held to specifically look at the Hawke’s Bay example and hear from the project manager Simon Bendall. Continue reading “The Hawkes Bay Experience on Coastal Hazards”


Storm damage: Should we re-think coastal living?

I’ve written several times lately about the coming impact of sea level rise and coastal hazards on property values and the withdrawal of insurance cover and bank lending credit.

But if you want to hear the very best summary of these impacts in New Zealand, then please listen to this interview on Radio New Zealand with researcher of climate risk – Belinda Storey.

Decline of Coastal Property Values Just “Tip of the Iceberg”

Further to my earlier blogs on lower coastal real estate prices due to sea level rise, further information has emerged from the United States   This adds to several other recent studies about coastal real estate prices dropping, along with the awareness of increasing flood risk in coastal areas worldwide. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Continue reading “Decline of Coastal Property Values Just “Tip of the Iceberg””

$5000 Natural Disaster Insurance Excess

My recent blog suggesting that coastal properties may be overpriced because of coastal flooding and erosion hazards and that insurance companies will “retreat” from these risky areas was criticised in some quarters.  It was suggested that even talking about these things was a step too far.  Apparently, it would only encourage insurance companies to take action to reduce coverage or raise excesses earlier than they otherwise would.

Well, that horse has well and truly bolted.  Back in 2012 insurance companies imposed a $5000 excess on natural disaster claims.    Continue reading “$5000 Natural Disaster Insurance Excess”

Have Your Say on the Regional Council’s Public Transport Plan

OK, Thames Has a Bus – So Where Else?

The Regional Council is seeking submissions from the public on its proposed Regional Public Transport Plan for the next 10 years.  Now is your chance to have your say.  Consultation will end on 19 September. Continue reading “Have Your Say on the Regional Council’s Public Transport Plan”