Coastal Flooding out on a LIM

LIM Reports Must Link To Regional Council Sea Flooding Maps

out on limThe LIM Report is the best and most up to date way to communicate natural hazards information and the potential risk associated with the purchase of a property. 

The Waikato Regional Council has produced a very useful online “inundation tool” which shows potential sea level rise flooding risk to coastal properties.  Using a Google Map type interface you can zoom in on a property or suburb and look at the effects of various levels of sea level rise.  

At the moment LIM Reports produced by Thames Coromandel District Council make no reference to this vital information.  This wrong and is almost certainly illegal.

Council is required to supply known natural hazard information whether they are in possession of that information or not.

Information that is ‘known’ to council simply means that the council needs to know about the information relating to a special feature or characteristic, but it does not have to believe the information is accurate or even probably accurate.

downloadThe purpose of the LIM is not to warrant the land is good or safe, but rather to put the recipient on notice of the particular facts that might affect the physical state and potentially the value of the land.

The LIM is considered to be council’s biggest exposure to legal liability, making it vitally important for councils to get it right.

I have spoken to Council at its Public Form and submitted that –

the Council must provide an accurate summary of the type of information available from the WRC website and provide a working link so that LIM recipients can investigate for themselves potential sea level rise and coastal flooding implications.

In my opinion, a failure to do so could expose the Council to legal liability. 

If the Council fails to include this information in LIMs and then gets sued by someone – then we all end up paying for that folly through our rates.  Hopefully, the Council will see sense.

There is a very good article on LIMs and natural hazards here 

Mangrove Bill Not “Supported”

The Thames Coromandel District Council had their spin machine working overtime when it announced in a misleading press release that the Council’s Mangrove Management Bill was “supported by all the parties, apart from the Greens”.

Often, a majority of Members of Parliament vote for even really stupid Local Bills like this one at the First Reading so that the Bill can to be sent to the to the Select Committee and public submissions can be heard.  

That First Reading vote does mean that those same members “support” the Bill.  All they are doing in voting for a First Reading is to ensure that the public gets a say at the Select Committee.  Continue reading “Mangrove Bill Not “Supported””

Labour/Greens Coromandel Mining Ban

Labour/Greens agree to protect Southern Coromandel from mining

2petitionLast week a petition with 4,500 signatures was presented to Parliament.  The petition called on the Government to extend “Schedule 4” protection from mining to conservation land and beaches in the southern part of the Coromandel.   Previous election policies for both Labour and the Greens have included this commitment, but the National Party has always been opposed.  Continue reading “Labour/Greens Coromandel Mining Ban”

Retirees Denied Annual Rates Rebate by Government

Local MP Scott Simpson Fails to Deliver For His Elderly Constituents

supergold-cardIn a move which seems very likely to cost votes for local MP Scott Simpson, the National Party has blocked a Private Members Bill which would have given an annual rate rebate of up to $600 to every occupier of a unit in a retirement village.  The Bill had the support of a majority of MPs in Parliament.  The Bill also had strong support from retirement villagers, the Retirement Villages Association, Local Government New Zealand, Grey Power and many local authorities including the Thames Coromandel District Council.   But in a cynical and callous move, the National Party moved the Bill down Parliament’s Order Paper at the last minute, so that it could not be voted on and passed before the election. Continue reading “Retirees Denied Annual Rates Rebate by Government”

Map Coastal Flooding Hazards – Now !

The Thames Coromandel District Council have produced a Coastal Management Strategy Engagement document.  This sets out a range of coastal issues including coastal hazards for discussion.  A series of public meetings will be held around the Peninsula in October.  

This is all highly commendable and any amount of public engagement on climate change is welcome. Unfortunately, it is still just words and talk and no action.  As I have said in many previous posts, what is urgently needed is to get on with the job of modelling and mapping all coastal hazards, particularly coastal flooding. Continue reading “Map Coastal Flooding Hazards – Now !”