Council Disregarded Coastal Hazards When Consenting Thames Retirement Apartments

Later Declares the Site Is Subject to Coastal Hazards

The Thames-Coromandel Council has placed a sea flood warning on the land title of the Richmond Villas retirement village in Thames.  So how come the Council gave its consent for 73 new apartments on this land only a year earlier?  The answer is disturbing.  The Council relied on a 16-year-old coastal hazard assessment, ignored strict government policies on coastal hazards and sea level rise guidance, and denied the public a say.  The Council also knew the land is subsiding and that this creates a greater flood risk. Read More »


Local Government NZ Rubbishes Comments by Thames-Coromandel Mayor on Climate Change Declaration

Climate Change Declaration ‘not a binding contract’

In a Radio New Zealand interview this morning the president of Local Government New Zealand, David Cull, rubbished the Thames-Coromandel Mayor Sandra Goudie’s statements yesterday that the campaign for Council to sign the climate change declaration was “politically charged and driven” and that it committed ratepayers to excessive spending.Read More »

Thames Coromandel Mayor’s Comments on Climate Change Draw Harsh Criticism

Thames-Coromandel Mayor Sandra Goudie was interviewed on Radio New Zealand this morning and said she would not support her Council signing the Local Government Declaration on Climate Change which has already been signed by 55 other councils.  She refused to say whether she believed there was climate change and said the push to get the declaration signed was “politically charged and driven”.Read More »

Thames Retirement Village is on a Coastal Hazard Site

Thames-Coromandel District Council Registers a Coastal Inundation Hazard Notation on the Richmond Villas Title

Radio New Zealand has reported how in December 2018, TCDC quietly registered a hazard notation on the title of the Richmond Villas retirement village complex.  This notation confirms that the site is subject to a natural hazard of coastal inundation (flooding), “because the land is considered to be subject to Inundation, being potential; flooding, overland flow, storm surge, tidal effects, and ponding”Read More »