Waikato Regional Council sets out climate action roadmap

Waikato Regional Council has unanimously approved a Climate Action Roadmap  to guide internal activities, budget planning and opportunities to work with iwi partners, territorial authorities and other key stakeholders for a climate-resilient Waikato.

Download a copy here

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Waikato Regional Council Funding to Thames Coromandel/Hauraki Restoration/Biodiversity Groups

Funding helps provide employment and improve biodiversity and freshwater quality

Thames/Coromandel/Waihi environmental, restoration and educational initiatives have been given $211,536.00 from Waikato Regional Council’s Environmental Initiatives Fund (EIF), out of a total of $418,000 for the whole Waikato region.

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Most of Thames Coromandel’s drinking water supplies are non-compliant

Waikato Regional Council’s Environmental Performance Committee has considered a comprehensive recent study by Massey University on our domestic drinking water supplies. The report confirmed that rivers draining agricultural catchments with cows, sheep and deer had a high prevalence of cryptosporidium, giardia, campylobacter and e- coli. Those draining native forest catchments had little if any pathogens.

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Waikato Regional Council’s Record on Monitoring and Enforcement

Independent Reports ARE Available

A suggestion has been made by Bill Barclay in his blog that regional councils, and in particular Waikato Regional Council are avoiding, deferring or in other ways “sliding around” the requirement to obtain independently audited reports on compliance, monitoring and enforcement.  That’s a serious allegation so I took the trouble to dig out the facts for myself. 

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