Climate Change – Don’t Give Up – Or Are We Screwed?

Following the release of the latest IPCC report on climate change, is your response swinging wildly between “we’re screwed so why bother” and “we can do this – don’t give up on climate change yet “?  I thought I would take a look at the positive initiatives and trends in this post. Can we make massive changes to our economies and lifestyle?  My next post will look at the more gloomy outlooks. Continue reading “Climate Change – Don’t Give Up – Or Are We Screwed?”


Swimming to the Swimming Pool #2

Why is TCDC wasting huge sums of ratepayer funds pursuing the Thames airfield site for the proposed new aquatic centre when it has a minimal chance of being consented?  By all means promote a new aquatic centre in or around Thames, but the airfield is the wrong place for it.  Continue reading “Swimming to the Swimming Pool #2”

What a storm surge looks like

On the few occasions that people actually think about coastal hazards, the image that springs to mind for most people is coastal erosion with beaches and roads being eaten away by wave action. But a far more serious threat to our local towns comes not from erosion, but from coastal inundation/flooding caused by a storm surge.

This video is a flyover of Mexico Beach, Florida following hurricane Michael. The extent of the devastation to hundreds of homes and businesses is plain to see. Note also how the surge has moved up rivers and estuaries and waterway developments (similar to Whitianga). Continue reading “What a storm surge looks like”

New Climate Report – Adaptation More Urgent Than Ever

A new report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the gold standard of climate science, outlines in frightfully stark terms what it would take to keep the earth’s temperature below 1.5 C of warming, which is the threshold for avoiding catastrophic climate change like the collapse of rainforests and coral reefs, rapid melting of the ice sheets that would swamp coastal cities around the world and heat extremes that could lead to millions of climate refugees. Continue reading “New Climate Report – Adaptation More Urgent Than Ever”