Huge Win for Conservation on the Coromandel

This week the Supreme Court has upheld the dying wish of a landowner that his land, native trees and open space on a 404 ha block of land near Tairua should be covenanted and protected from development permanently, and that this restriction applies to any new owner. Continue reading “Huge Win for Conservation on the Coromandel”


Mining Company A Risk to Rare Frogs

Press release from  Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki 

An Official Information Act request by Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki shows that Oceana Gold has been trying to put more rare Archey’s frogs at risk on Department of Conservation land in the southern Coromandel. Continue reading “Mining Company A Risk to Rare Frogs”

Is The Coromandel’s Housing Market Underpricing Sea Level Rise?

The headline in the Mercury Bay Informer proclaims Whitianga “Still a Seller’s’ Market” and rampant residential development continues on our coasts. But is the housing market underpricing or ignoring the risk of sea-level rise? The insurance industry is already flagging it will retreat from high-risk areas. Continue reading “Is The Coromandel’s Housing Market Underpricing Sea Level Rise?”

60 Business Heavyweights Commit to Strong Climate Action

The Contrast with Big Business’ Denialist Opposition To Climate Change Action Under the Previous Labour Government is Striking

Sixty major New Zealand businesses have pledged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and hold themselves publicly accountable by setting targets. Continue reading “60 Business Heavyweights Commit to Strong Climate Action”

No Compensation for Mining Ban

There has been justifiable outrage from Forest and Bird and other environmental groups that new conservation land areas in the South Island had been opened up to prospecting.  The groups ask how can this happen when the new government has announced it will bring in a ban on mining on conservation land?  What is the point of applying for a new prospecting license when there is no prospect of obtaining a mining license due to the promised ban?  Continue reading “No Compensation for Mining Ban”