Latest NIWA Report Confirms High Local Sea Flood Risk

Two years ago I wrote an article about a  NIWA report which confirmed that Thames was in the top 10 of the most at risk towns and cities in New Zealand from sea level rise.

TCDC had received this report two years earlier in 2015 but has kept it secret and has made no effort – even 4 years later – to inform residents of Thames, or other high-risk peninsula coastal communities of the high level of risk many face.

Now, an even more accurate assessment of the risk of sealevel rise has just been published by NIWA which comes to the same conclusion –Read More »


Corporate CEOs “get” climate action but local “business friendly” community leaders don’t. What gives?

On the issue of taking strong action on climate change Thames-Coromandel Mayor Sandra Goudie and a majority of councillors are out of step with 90% of other councils, 109 of New Zealand’s top companies and 80% of the New Zealand population who are concerned about climate change.  This is outrageous.Read More »